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Monday, October 10, 2005

I call you out of Palestine, Come build and pray with us

The Fourth Book Of Joseph, by Yuya Joseph Elijah Lifeguard

I call you out of Palestine
Come build and pray with us
From Christiana, Shashemene, St. Ann
Share your hopes and skills with we

Israeli, Arab, American
Come see what we mean by Peace
Britain, France, Canada
May the Christ be with you here
Russia, Germany, Italy
Humble yourselves before Tafari
China, India, Japan
Your presence and worship are welcome

All nations, all peoples
The LORD is in there
I have seen this with my own eyes
A solar city rising from the sand

Far from the teeming urbanity
Of lowest common denom
Our City is for Thy purpose, LORD
At the service of UN, OAU and Man

There is much work to be done
Of that be well assured
Time is now, place is here
Sahara Sahara home to Amhara

Inafrica can only be goodness
Days of folly are well past
Believe in me this one time
Is all that Joseph can ask

For I, Jah humble servant
Plead on my knees before nations
Stop this insanity mindless killing
No planning ahead for life

Believe that this message comes from Jah
From some sort of lost angel
Reclaiming lost ground
For the Son of all Man

On this earth I have achieved
Little of substance or reknown
I have struggled to study
Jah Word and Jah Planet and Time

Of this I know, Jah future world
Runs on electricity and hydrogen
Sourced from the sun, the wind and the rain
and the heat from deep under harnassed by man

But why now, hear Thomas question?
Look around ye, answer me then
Abominations crush My people
If not now, then when?

Judea, when you left for Greece and Rome
You left My people at Masada and Qumran
Islam, your roots are in Palestine and Harar
Arabia and Africa share a home in Tafari
Christianity, O Christianity
How far have you roamed?
Rasta, good people
Your Day is at hand
Welcome the Brethren to
A new Holy Land

The Fourth Book Of Joseph, by Yuya Joseph Elijah Lifeguard

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