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Saturday, October 08, 2005

I refuse the tabernacle of my forefathers, and their wandering from Jah ways

The Book Of Joseph, Part Five – Yuya Sahara Alljah 19

I awake from deep slumber
My voice is loud, as if emboldened by wine
My enemies are crushed in the hinterlands:
Who can withstand my perpetual reproach?
I refuse the tabernacle of my forefathers,
And their wandering from Jah ways
I choose the tribe of Judah,
the mount Zion which he loved.
I build My sanctuary like high palaces,
like the earth, established for ever.

I choose David as My servant,
and take him from the sheepfolds:
From following the ewes great with young
I brought him, to feed Jacob his people,
and Israel his inheritance.

I feed ye according to the integrity of My heart; and guide by the skilfulness of My hands.

The Book Of Joseph, Part Five – Yuya Sahara Alljah 19

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