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Saturday, October 01, 2005

The cry of the Daughter of Zion gasping for breath

Let Us eat of the Blessed Foods of Jah, share Life with Holy friends, Dance under the significant stars, and Love One Another all throughout the Day and still again by the serious moonlight.

Les Nubians, Daktaris, Sam Mangwana, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Manu Dibango, Fela Kuti, Oneness of Juju, Mombasa, Peter King, Desmond Tutu, The Roots, Sly & Robbie, The Congos, Steel Pulse, Bobby Digital, Capleton, Spragga Benz, Charlie Chaplin, Wayne Smith, Cocoa Tea, Lone Ranger, Deborahe Glasgow, Papa San, Bunny Rugs, Mega Banton, Admiral Bailey, Sister Audrey, Chaka Demus, Beres Hammond, Buju Banton.

The Medi Men formed a circle, and began brewing the holy water around three in the afternoon. It was time for the Ghost Dance, evening settled in, and the moon was very full and bright. It was now nine at night, and there was an electric tension in the air.

Alex Haley, James Blood Ulmer, Carrie Smith, Winans, Wynans, Vance Ensemble, Pukka Orchestra, Hubert McIntosh, Clement Dodd, Winston Rodney, Sun Ra, Ketema Yifru, Lord Kitchener, Albert Einstein, Black Stalin, Anatoly Sobchak, Ezer Weisman, Pinetop Perkins, Yasser Arafat, Abyssinians, Jomo Kenyatta.

I heard a cry as of a woman in travail,
Anguish as of one bringing forth Her first Child
The cry of the Daughter of Zion gasping for breath,
Stretching out Her hands, crying, Woe is Me!
I am fainting before murderers.

Jeremiah’s angel swam restlessly through I Soul; I Loved Her, yet could not find Her. I saw Her in visions, heard Her laugh and cry, then studied Jah Bible some more. I prayed and I stayed steadfast to the LORD, and early in the New Light, I was sent on a mission.

Bethel 2001, His 56th Birthday, 1st Annual Nine Miles Concert, Marley Brothers and Sisters, Everton Blender, Capleton, Buju Banton, Bunny Wailer, Bongo Herman, Eddie Fitzroy, Sista Irene, Beenie Man, Morgan Heritage, Mountain Lion, Iley Dread, Paul Bogle, Buster, Rastaman, Natty Dread, Bob’s Rock, Bath, Markus Gerwami.

Solarization of the means of production
Equals the detoxification
And biospheric regeneration
Of the Global economy

Through Ras Tafari, Emperor Haile Sellassie I, Might of the Trinity, we learn wisdom and devotion, discipline and will. By Robert Nesta Marley, Berhane Sellassie, Light of the Trinity, we are inspired, enthralled, educated and anointed. Yes darling, you are among Us, the eternally anointed whom Jah hath chosen to spread peace and good tidings, instilling visions of the solar world to come.

La Heavana Musica - Chapter Four

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