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Sunday, January 10, 2010

12th to 25th Egyptian Dynasties; Developing Chronology

On January 6th I posted a first draft of an attempt to peg the 15th to 18th Egyptian dynasties into the era from around 1145 BC to about 850 BC. Here we will try to expand it forward and backwards, using 701 BC as the date for Twenty-Fifth Dynasty Pharaoh Shebitku's rescue of Jerusalem, and an estimate of 670 BC for Pharaoh Tarhaqa's (the last fully Black African Pharaoh) retreat southward into Nubia.

A rough estimate of the eras for each Dynasty, and probable birth dates for major figures in the 18th Dynasty ruling elite:

12th Dynasty - 1395 BC to 1235 BC

13th Dynasty - 1235 BC to 1175 BC

14th Dynasty - 1190 BC to 1130 BC

15th and 16th (concurrent) Dynasty - c1145 BC to 1065 BC

17th Dynasty - c 1075 BC to c 1020 BC

18th Dynasty - c 1020 BC to 830 BC

Second draft of estimated birth dates for Eighteenth Dynasty luminaries:

Ahmose - 1045 BC
Amenhotep I - 1025 BC
Thutmose I - 1015 BC
Thutmose II - 1000 BC
Thutmose III - 985 BC
Thutmose IV - 968 BC
Amenhotep II - 952 BC
Yuya - 930 BC
Tuya - 923 BC
Amenhotep III - 918 BC
Kiya - 905 BC
Tiye - 901 BC
Aye - 899 BC
Amenhotep IV - 897 BC
Tutankhamun - 870 BC

REVISED estimates Feb 2010:

Ahmose - 1030 BC
Amenhotep I - 1010 BC
Thutmose I - 995 BC
Thutmose II - 980 BC
Thutmose III - 955 BC
Thutmose IV - 935 BC
Amenhotep II - 909 BC
Yuya - 907 BC
Tuya - 902 BC
Aye - 888 BC
Tiye - 886 BC
Amenhotep III - 885 BC
Kiya - 870 BC
Amenhotep IV - 869 BC
Smenkhare - 851 BC
Tutankhamun - 848 BC

Next section dates updated Feb 2010.

19th Dynasty - 830 BC to 790 BC

20th Dynasty - 820 BC to 765 BC

21st Dynasty - 760 BC to 710 BC

22nd Dynasty - 760 BC to 705 BC

23rd Dynasty - 755 BC to 710 BC

24th Dynasty - 730 BC to 720 BC

25th Dynasty - 735 BC to 655 BC

Peace 2 All

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