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Wednesday, January 06, 2010

New Chronology Ancient Egypt; 15th to 18th Dynasties

Proposing that the famine occurring during the concurrent 13th and 14th Dynasties was caused by the drought and darkness in the decade and a half after the climatic catastrophe in 1159 BC, whether triggered by a meteor or an Icelandic volcano or a combination of as yet unidentified factors, we are pegging the start of the 15th Dynasty to about 1145 BC, which fits well with many known events of the Eighteenth Dynasty of Egypt that occurred between about 1030 BC and 860 BC. As you can see by the dates on the above wikipedia link, most Egyptologists still date the 18th Dynasty several centuries earlier.

Here is a very rough preliminary sketch of the newly revised chronology of the 15th to 18th Dynasties, which we will expand in future days, weeks and months.

15th and 16th (concurrent) Dynasty - c1145 BC to 1065 BC

17th Dynasty - c 1080 BC to c 1030 BC

18th Dynasty - c 1030 BC to 845 BC

First draft of estimated birth dates of Eighteenth Dynasty luminaries:

Ahmose - 1055 BC
Amenhotep I - 1035 BC
Thutmose I - 1025 BC
Thutmose II - 1010 BC
Thutmose III - 995 BC
Amenhotep II - 965 BC
Yuya - 950 BC
Tuya - 943 BC
Amenhotep III - 928 BC
Amenhotep IV - 917 BC
Tutankhamun - 888 BC

Peace 2 All!

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