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Saturday, December 12, 2009

980BC to 930BC; New Chronology of History. Yuya Joseph emerges

As the first post in our organic review of the past 3,000 years, we look at a time of Patriarchs and Egyptian rule, with stirrings from faraway lands. It is clear that as more overlapping eras and dynasties are discovered, this chronology may have to be compressed further, but that's the beauty of the blog format and the ability of readers to post comments and corrections.

The errors in the old chronology arose from one main flaw in methodology, and that was stacking the Egyptian dynasties end-to-end without realizing that many of them overlapped, with simultaneous kingdoms in Lower Egypt (Egypt / Israel) and in Upper Egypt (Ethiopia / Judah). When the overlapping dynasties are taken into account, one begins to realize that many of the events you were taught had taken place from 1,100BC to 1,400BC (New Kingdom, particularly 18th Dynasty) actually occurred between about 800BC and 1,000BC.

New Chronology impact on Findings of Ahmed Osman, by Charles Pope

Circa 1,000BC to 950BC:

Iron Age begins

1,000BC - Zhou Mo Wang crowned King of the Zhou Dynasty in China

Rig-Veda is composed in India

957 BC - Reign of Zhou Dynasty ends

952 BC - Thersippus, King of Athens, dies and is succeeded by his son Phorbas

Circa 950BC to 900BC:

950 BC - Phoenicians build fortified city of Tyre on the Mediterranean sea

Yuya; Joseph wearing a Coat of Many Colours

As Yuya will emerge as one of the central characters in this review of human history, let's look at some of the titles Yuya held and names he was known by:

(Respect to, and others):


Vizier Seph

Joseph of Genesis

Joseph in the Bible

Master of the Horse

Commander of the Chariotry

Superintendent of Cattle

Overseer of the Cattle of Amun and Min

Lord of Akhmin

Deputy of His Majesty in the Chariotry

Bearer of the Ring of the King of Lower Egypt

Mouth of the King of Upper Egypt

Prophet of Min

King's Lieutenant

The Wise One

Favorite of the Good God

Great Prince

Great of Love

Unique Friend

Beloved of the Lord of the Two Lands

One Made Great by the Lord

He Whom the King Has Made His Double

The Holy Father of the Lord of the Two Lands

Father to Pharaoh

Father of the God

King Reuel

Irhuleni of Hamath


King Omri


So, before there was Yusuf or Yosef or Jose there was Yuya, whose grandson King Tutankhamen Joshua would be the forerunner and harbinger of Jesus Aristobulus who would share our gorgeous planet some 800 years later.

Here are alternate spellings of Yuya:


Some believe that even YHWH and Yahweh are memories of the goodness of Yuya. Predecessors in the role of "Joseph" include Imhotep of the 3rd Dynasty and Inyotef (Sargon in the OT) of the 11th Dynasty.

922 BC - Phorbas of Athens dies and is succeeded by his son Megacles

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