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Sunday, December 20, 2009

680 BC to 630 BC: Organic Review of Global History

Circa 676 BC King Zhou Hui Wang becomes leader of Zhou Dynasty of China. During the 670s Esarhaddon of Assyria was rebuilding Babylon as his base, preparing for his eventual attack on Egypt, where he capture the city of Memphis and several members of the royal family. In 669 BC Ashurbanipal succeeds his father Esarhaddon as King of the Assyrian Empire. King Ashurbanipal created one of the most advanced, systematically organized libraries ever known to man, certainly among the finest that had ever been built up to that time and for awhile afterwards the Nineveh library shown as a beacon of learning.

The conquering and plundering of Thebes in 664 BC by Ashurbanipal of Assyria is perceived as retribution for the regional revolution led by
King Taharqa of the Twenty-Fifth Dynasty, possibly the last fully Black African ruler to be King of the World. The Sun Kings had returned from exile around 700 BC to found the 25th Dynasty, but this time the exile would become a fracture among the Children of God.

The sacking of the Holy City Thebes was the final straw for the Chosen and the permanizing of the New Jerusalem in Palestine became paramount for Israel. Though Judah was also to rebuild in the North, the original south inhabitants of Ethiopia, Kush and Nubia retreated to Meroe and Napata, and eventually to Axum.

In 660 BC Psamtik I drove the Assyrians out of Egypt, but the days of the Nile being ruled by Nubian kings would be gone for millennia, if not forever.

By the 650s BC, Europe was experiencing a colder and wetter climate than had been the case for the previous century and a half, and human migration was southward from the Scandinavian and Germanic regions into Rome, Gaul and Spain. Circa 651 BC Zhou Xiang Wang becomes King of the Zhou Dynasty in China, and about a year later Perdiccas Temenid founded the Macedonian kingdom with construction of the capital at Aegeae Vergina.

In 645 BC, the year of the death of Guan Zong, Prime Minister of the State of Qi, China, five meteors were seen and recorded as being viewed over what is now Shanqiu County, Henan Province, China. 643 BC is recorded as the year of the death of Manasseh of Judah, son of King Hezekiah.

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