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Monday, July 30, 2007

Canada's an emerging wind power

Company: SkyPower is the leading independant renewable energy developer in Canada, and possesses proven expertise in developing, building and managing large-scale wind and solar power projects. SkyPower has developed a national footprint, with interests in over 50 renewable power projects at various stages of development in 8 provinces in Canada and select US states, representing over 7000 MW of potential energy. Recently SkyPower has expanded its reach into the international energy market and is helping countries meet their surging power demands through renewable energy solutions.

Mission: To meet the growing worldwide demand for power by creating commercially viable renewable energy solutions.

Core Values:

Social Responsibility: Renewable power projects that promote regional economic development and local partnerships that give back to the community.

Ecological Integrity: Developing renewable power resources to mitigate the negative environmental impacts of electricity generation using fossil fuels.

Commercial Viability: A business model that creates win-win economics for all project partners.

Key strengths and attributes that differentiate SkyPower from other renewable power developers in Canada:

Strong Board: bring exemplary financial acumen and over 60 years of combined experience managing and building projects.

Strong Partnerships:

Strong financial partnerships allow competitive access to capital
Industrial partnerships support advocacy and sector development
First Nations, Tribal and rural landowner partnerships respect local culture, develop community benefits

National Team + Local Representation: collective experience supports good people who possess on-the-ground connectivity

Full service: acquisition, development, ownership and operation under one roof
Legitimacy: Established in 2004, SkyPower has grown to include 30 employees, with over 50 projects in development representing over 7000 MW of renewable energy. Our organizational growth trajectory speaks for itself.

Capacity: developing the largest wind park in Canada, moving into the international market

Truly Green: 100% renewable power projects

Wind Energy

Most of the wind power currently generated in Canada, and around the world, is generated by wind turbines arranged in large-scale arrays covering many acres of land with strong wind resources. These large scale projects, called wind parks, can generate hundreds of megawatts of renewable power without generating greenhouse gasses, airborne or waterborne pollutants or radioactive waste. Prior to construction, wind park developers must complete comprehensive Environmental Assessments that ensure the wind park does not interfere with the welfare of local wildlife and migratory bird populations.

Well-designed, efficient large-scale wind farms benefit from several economies of scale:

Ensure adequate flow of wind available to all Wind Turbines
Increase array efficiency leading to optimized power generation
Minimize power transmission line losses
Include 24-hour on-site monitoring & control
Increase Return on Investment
An example of a wind park project is SkyPower’s Terrawinds Wind Farm in Riviere de Loup, Quebec. When completed, Terrawinds will be one of the largest wind parks in Canada, consisting of up to 114 turbines that will collectively generate over 200 MW of green power, enough to power over 80,000 Canadian homes.

Small Wind Farms

Small wind farms (under 10 MW) are renewable energy projects that are designed to be in scale with the local community, for example in more densely populated areas or urban locations. Small wind farms can generate enough power for up to 4500 homes. The distributed power generated by small wind farms create a more resilient local power grid and reduce the chances of brown-outs for the community in which they are located. Distributed power is also more efficient, minimizing power transmission line losses by travelling shorter distances from point of generation (wind farm) to point of use (the local community).

For more information about the benefits of wind power, visit the Canadian Wind Energy Association website (

Solar Energy

Solar Parks

Solar parks consist of large arrays of solar photovoltaic (PV) panels that collect solar power from the sun which is transformed it into electricity for the local power grid. Solar parks of up to 10 MW generally consist of a minimum of 100 acres of land upon which PV panels are mounted on racks in flat, unobstructed locations that possess strong solar resources and good soil for foundations.

Solar parks have been successfully developed in markets such as Germany and Portugal where government and local power utilities have provided appropriate market signals and programs. In 2006, the Ontario Power Authority introduced the Standard Offer Program (SOP), creating a market for solar-generated power in Ontario. The guaranteed price of 42¢/kWhr for up to 10 MW of PV-generated electricity necessitates taking advantage of economies of scale when developing a solar park project. In response to the SOP, SkyPower has developed a pioneering partnership with SunEdison, a union which allows the development of financially viable solar park projects in Ontario under SOP pricing.

In addition to the environmental, social and economic benefits of solar park projects, SkyPower is committed to stimulate the overall growth and success of the PV industry in Canada as part of the company’s strategy to combat climate change. SkyPower has over 20 sun park projects in various stages of development across the country.

For more information about the benefits of Solar power, visit the Canadian Solar Industries Association website (

Solar Roof Tops

Solar roof top projects take advantage of the wealth of unused real estate on the roof of urban markets, installing photovoltaic (PV) panels to harness the energy of the sun and transform it into electricity for the power grid. In order to take advantage of Ontario’s Standard Offer Program (SOP) and a guaranteed price of 42¢/kWhr for solar power, rooftops of 100,000 ft² can be considered for solar rooftop installations.

If your organization is interested in exploring the potential of a solar roof top to address climate change and emission reduction targets, contact SkyPower’s Business Energy Solutions department.

Check the Natural Resources Canada Canadian Solar Radiation map to see the solar power capacity in your region.

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