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Saturday, November 13, 2004

La Heavana Musica by Yuya Elijah Lifeguard

La Heavana Musica

An offering of modern insight and ancient wisdom; received, written and compiled

by Yuya Joseph Elijah Lifeguard

Table of Contents


Part I: Love, Peace and Light

1. Chapter One - Beginning is Word
2. Chapter Two - Beginnings of Light
3. Chapter Three - Roots of Eden

Part II - Joyous is Truth

4. Chapter Four - Sounds of Lion and Lamb
5. Chapter Five - Kidist Itopia
36. Chapter Six - Eterna Ziona Rhythmica

Part III - Signs of Itopia

7. Chapter Seven - Jah Good Songs
8. Chapter Eight - End Days Apocalypso
9. Chapter Nine - Salvascension Hymn


From the early months of the Third Day comes a message from the king of the north; La Heavana Musica takes the nectar of works, builds upon the Holy foundation, and brings forth a flower of Love for the nations. This book holds my Love and is a testament to Life. It is a signpost for myself and for the nations. Here is a letter from Kanehda to Palestine, from Israel to Judah, from Egypt to Ethiopia.

In Bob’s name, this Book of the Joy of Music is livhicated to Leonard Peltier and Nelson Mandela, Living Martyrs of Justice, and of Peace. Mostly it is the story of the Biblical Joseph and Asenath, who are Egypt’s Yuya and Tuya, but it is also the tale of Adama and Eva, Abe and Sarah, of Jahseph and Maryam, and indeed of some of their modern manifestations.

His Majesty defended Jeshua, and Elijah is not troubled by sharing that burden. It has been His Mission all His Life. La Heavana Musica was a joy to put together, please cherish it as I. A message of Truth for the Brethren and Sistren: the cast of the First Act is smaller than you thought, though larger in magnitude.

Let the whole of this work be a tribute to the Lion and the Lamb, paid in homage to Nesta, whose lyrical offerings are more eloquent, and whose vocal expressions are more heartfull, than any ever heard upon this planet. If King David’s Psalms prove out to be a collection of the Holy Works of an era rather than a single Being, then there is no longer even a contest. Bob is King in the New Kingdom of Music. Think about all the great Musicians in Heaven; Who is He that gets to choose among them so?

This book is a love letter from myself to the Holy City, the Solar Goddess, La Heavana Musica, Jahsheba Zion; a plea from Father Sky to Mother Earth. A Human must do what Jah LORD requests. I am not being unreasonable when suggesting that Zion lead the solar conversion.

Your insight, caring, and striving for justice, have truly lit up Our world and moved the people forward. Descendants and Disciples of Ras Tafari; keep and Defend the Faith, for Jeshua and Moses guide Your every move, while Elijah and His Majesty observe with glowing approval. Kidist Etiopia, Your Light shines out over all the nations, bringing Peace to the lands. Jeshua, thank You for everything. Let the peoples Unite, and the healing begin. Truly, We give thanks for everything, praise Jeshua.

It is the evening of May the First, May Day; Fifty-six years ago next Tuesday was the end of the Second World War. I bring forth the relevanti, the solmentum I see gathering speed. Please take this lyrical offering with several grains of sea salt, for table and at bath; accept this treatise as a song to Our Creator, and to all good people living and to come. Bless your hearts, be happy children of the Most High. The time is now: Truth begins, and all strong Souls Give Thanks to God Above.

I appreciate the time you spend reading this book, and listening to the music of some Sistren and Brethren herein. Go forth in Peace, Follow the Light; The Way, the Truth and the Life.


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