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Friday, October 23, 2009

The Names of My Father; Jesus Christ

If you have penetrated my books you will know that I have no qualms about playing the name game, but somehow in my fading years I want to reveal something and let herstory beautiful herstory let all the earthlings overstand what is and what was.

Dad was and is known to the Romans as:

Marcus Licinus Crassus Frugi II

Decimus Junius Silanus Torquatus

Gaius Calpurnius Piso (whom some feel was "crass")

Jesus Christus

Son of Mary

To the Greeks

Alexander II of Armenia
Aristobulus of Chalcis
Jah Zeus Chrystos
Son of Joseph
Son of God

Iesous (Jesus)
Chrystos (Anointed)
Theou (God's)
Uios (Son)
Soter (Saviour)

ICTUS or ICHTHYS, Fish of Christ

Hebrews / Armenians

Jeshua / Yehoshua
Aristobulus Herod
Aristobulus III
The Galilean
Yeshuah ben Pandera
Son of David

Syrians / Arabs / Egyptians / Persians

Tigranes II of Armenia
Azizus* King of Emesa
Izates II of Edessa

These are the names** of my father.

My hope is that there will be room for I soul in the Mausoleum of Augustus, and that the teachings of Our family will be guidance to Church and to government. May the Sons of John and Jeshua reign in Harmony, and may the citizens and officials of the Empire thrive and spread Peace, generosity and goodwill whever we meet and greet our fellow man.

Peace 2 All

Author notes:

1. * (brother of Soemus; note Irish Seamus = James)

2. Many of the above names provided with much respect to Charles Pope, the world's leading researcher into historical identities of Biblical characters.

3.** If readers know of very early names of Jesus of Nazareth that are not in the list above, feel free to post them with their geographical and cultural origins in the comments section below.

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