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Thursday, February 11, 2010

26th to 31st Egyptian Dynasties; preliminary dating research

Alrighty kids, here's my first draft at dating the Dynasties of Egypt numbered 26th through 31:

Twenty-sixth Dynasty of Egypt

circa 670 bc to circa 530 bc

Twenty-seventh Dynasty of Egypt

Beginning of Achaemenid or Persian era

circa 570 bc (Cyrus I) to 320 bc (Darius III)

27th representing 570 to circa 360 bc

Twenty-eighth Dynasty of Egypt

One ruler, Amyrteus, who ruled for about 6 years circa 404 to 398 bc

Twenty-ninth Dynasty of Egypt

Four Kings with short reigns circa 398 bc to 380 bc

Thirtieth Dynasty of Egypt

380to 343 bc, contemporaneous with 27th

Thirty-First Dynasty of Egypt

The 2nd half of Persian rule

Artaxerses III (reigned 358 bc to 338 bc) to Darius III circa 320 BC

Full era: circa 570 bc (Cyrus I) to 330 bc (Darius III)

Next: the Age of Alexander

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