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Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Regarding the Crucifixion and the Destruction of Jerusalem

I agree that Pater Simon Gamaliel has created an epic tale when he personified the destruction of Jerusalem in the crucifixion scenes describing the death of my father, but I resent those who strive to make this the focus of the New Way, whose followers are now being called Christians, after the Greek word chrystos, meaning "anointed" (Hebrew Messiach). Look at all the art of our people, whether of papyrus, animal skin or carved in stone, and you will see two themes; communal eating and human healing, through the laying on of hands.

Marcus makes for a great tale and I wouldn't change a word of it, and in fact there are variant manuscripts already circulating through our communities, and again there's nothing wrong with that. Let's just not lose the focus of what my dad really taught, and that was sharing of food and conversation with friends, neighbors and strangers alike, and the offering of medical and spiritual assistance to souls and bodies in need at any time and any place. The crucifixion may make for a more focused ending than being a casualty of a political uprising, but the danger of uniting under a phallic symbol of death betrays what Jesus lived for, which was the dignity and equality of every man, woman and child throughout the lands.

Peace 2 All

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