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Friday, September 11, 2009

A Proposal for Peace Among the Family

From Uncle Claudius to my brother Timotheus to his son Trajanus, the line of Philip Jahn remains a powerful force in civil administration and I do hear all the talk about my worthiest successors. I have no problem with Trajan, as my brother Justus is busy helping with the rebuilding of Judea, to his credit, and my sons are still learning from travel, and not anywhere near ready for this level of leadership, though I hope and pray that there will be such a Day.

The pool of talent and Middle Earth (really from Briton in the west to Persia in the east, Germany in the north and Arabia / Ethiopia in the south) familial connections will best be served by unity and harmony among our two leading families. May the beneficence of my reign be emulated and extended through the decades ahead, and may Our Family stay righteous and strong and not be corrupted by the corrosive forces loitering near the courts. As of Saturday, September 12th, I declare that Trajanus is my equal in wisdom and vision, and from this day on he will be viewed as Co-Emperor and addressed in the same manner as myself, that is, as my adoptive son Caesar Nerva Trajanus Augustus; prepare the way for the Lord, the Light and a beacon to all humanity in the sight of Jah Above.

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