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Friday, November 30, 2007

China and Russia both say Iran situation can be resolved peacefully

articles from:

Iran News

Putin underlines political solution of Iran nuclear issue

Russia's President Vladimir Putin underlined political solution of Iran's nuclear issue. According to Russia's Presidential Office report on Wednesday, President Putin in a meeting with foreign ambassadors in Moscow said, "I believe regional conflicts, including Iran's nuclear program and Kosovo issue cannot be solved through force." Putin underlined the necessity of using non-military and peaceful means in carrying out international missions. He added, "Russia will never deviate from democratic route and will observe human rights and other freedoms."
Nov 29, 2007, 14:20

Iran News

Chinese official: Iran's nuclear dossier should be solved through talks

Visiting China's Communication Minister and a member of Chinese Communist Party Li-Hoon Tai Haven in a meeting with Secretary General of Islamic Coalition Party Mohammad Nabi Habibi underlined that Iran's nuclear dossier should be solved through talks. In the meeting, the Chinese minister said, "Exchanging views between Chinese Communist Party and Iranian political parties, especially Islamic Coalition Party, is so important." Habibi, for his part, by referring to the history of ties between the two parties said, "In the Asian Parties Meeting, we should work together and push the meeting towards establishment of Asian Parties Union."

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