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Sunday, March 05, 2006

Canadian singer Yuya records for Africa, Ethiopia and all humanity

Toronto-based singer-songwriter Yuya Joseph is a conscious performer who sings songs about frredom, justice, deep green ecology and international peace.

This morning I heard homeslice Prince on the radio, Let’s Go Crazy, and just wanna say:

Everybody knows Prince for his singing, writing and performing skills, but I feel he is also one of the greatest guitarists of our generation!!! ALWAYS feelin’ it!!!

Getting back to that other Toronto singer-writer, Yuya (who is actually one day older than Prince …), having been compared to Elvis Costello and The Clash, what could make this relatively unknown Canadian recording act be lauded as such? Well, Yuya sings for Africa, for Ethiopia, for bees, trees, frogs and frivolity, if u believe that Itopian dreams are so.

Blue Pie is doing a great job for the acts on the label; if you like rock (and reggae!) music, please check Yuya’s tunes sometime:

Download Yuya songs at the UK music site

Yuya songs for sale via download at

Find Yuya tunes for sale from cd Give U Everything, at

and search for Yuya on iTunes!

To help out the New Orleans area, buy and download songs from the Hurricane Healing music for charity CD, to benefit the victims of the Katrina hurricane damage affecting Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and region. 50% of all revenue goes to Salvation Army efforts in New Orleans and Caribbean / Central American region:

Songs from Blue Pie recording artists are available on the cd, available by download, which via Salvation Army benefits New Orleans, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Haiti, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and more.

More Blue Pie independent recording artists:

Supermodel Imogen Bailey

Imogen is a hardworking animal rights advocate / activist and also has a track on the music for charity Katrina relief cd!

Blue Pie Productions singer Trishaa featured on her cd cover.

Blue Pie recording artist Sahra!

Plus, coming to Blue Pie in Spring 2006:

Erik Simins, writer / performer of Parent's House and The Way I See It, Click Here for songs and photos of Canada's Erik Simins

Presenting St’ Kitt’s’ pride and Toronto’s own rockin' reggae artist Trevor Jones:

Trevor Jones !!!

Yuya is back 2 songwriting, preparing for his next cd, and is looking forward to writing and recording again with Michael St. Clair, and is also hoping to write or record with Teresa Morales, Erik Simins and other emerging world-class talents!

In January 2005 she recorded another track with UK-based David Hearn as producer. Teresa's US-recorded tracks caught a lot of interest from some of the major labels in the US and presently Teresa is working for new tracks suitable for the US market. To her assistance is top-producers in both US and Europe with recent top-hits produced for artists like Britney Spears, Jennifer Lopez, Celine Dion to mention a few. In June 2005 Teresa reached a new milestone by getting an ASIA PACIFIC EXCELLENCE AWARD!

Philippine beauty and singing sensation Teresa Morales

The beautiful and talented Teresa Morales!

Stay tuned to to the Blue Pie Artists Blog for more info on Yuya, Hurricane Healing, Blue Pie Productions, Erik Simins, Trevor Jones, Teresa Morales and much more!

Blue Pie / Hurricane Healing artist Yuya has songs featured on iTunes,, Rhapsody, AOL, Yahoo Music and on Yuya Music

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