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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Suzlon in 157 meg windpower supply deal with Edison

Suzlon Signs Framework Agreement to Supply 157 Megawatts of Wind Turbine Capacity to Edison

75 Units of the S88 - 2.1MW Turbine Being Supplied

Press Release from Suzlon Wind Energy Corporation, via

CHICAGO, IL Suzlon Wind Energy Corporation, a subsidiary of Suzlon Energy A/S of Aarhus, Denmark and associated company of Suzlon Energy Limited of Pune, India, has signed a framework agreement to supply 157 megawatts of wind turbine capacity for projects being developed by Edison Mission Group of Irvine, California. The agreement outlines delivery of 75 units of the S88 - 2.1MW in 2006 and early 2007.

Speaking after announcing the orders, Tulsi Tanti, Chairman & Managing Director, Suzlon Energy Limited, said: "These orders cement our position as a significant player in the wind energy business. We are very pleased with the opportunity to renew and build upon our relationship with the Edison Mission Group. Following Suzlon's recent orders from China and South Korea, these projects reinforce our credibility in the international marketplace."

"This is repeat business for us, and we believe that Suzlon's robust products and solid performance were key reasons why Edison Mission Group has again invested in our wind turbines," said Andris Cukurs, CEO of Suzlon Wind Energy Corporation. "The simplicity and quality of the turbines, along with a good group of O&M guys, we think has made a big difference with the customer," he added.

Edison Mission Group (EMG) will allocate the S88 wind turbines for numerous projects that are yet to be named, but will later be sited through Definitive Agreements.

"EMG has a vision to build one of the strongest wind power portfolios in the industry over the next few years, and we are pleased to help develop that program through the business we do with Suzlon," said Randolph Mann, Investment Director of EMG.

Edison Mission Group is a subsidiary of Edison International of Rosemead, California. EMG has acquired a wind power portfolio of 316 megawatts at nine wind sites located in Iowa, Minnesota and New Mexico. The company has targeted a portfolio of up to 1,200 MW of wind power by 2009.

This latest contract builds upon an earlier 2005 agreement between EMG and Suzlon for machines in Minnesota. Currently, 25 megawatts of Suzlon's S64 - 1.25MW wind turbine are being installed for a portfolio of community-owned wind power projects known as Bingham Lake and Eastridge, which are located along the Buffalo Ridge in southwest Minnesota and financed in part by Edison Capital, a unit of EMG.

For the Bingham Lake project, there will soon be 12 turbines situated on 12 separate sites, near Windom, Minnesota, which is located about 80 miles east of Pipestone or 140 miles southwest of Minneapolis. The remaining eight turbines will be erected for the Eastridge wind power projects, also on eight separate sites.

The Eastridge wind sites are located near Chandler, Minnesota, 190 miles southwest of Minneapolis.

EMG's relationship with Suzlon turbines originated in 2004 when EMG invested in 18 of the 24 machines currently located in Pipestone, Minnesota. That particular portfolio of community-owned projects features 24, Suzlon 950 kilowatt machines on 64 meter towers.

Suzlon Energy is a fully integrated international wind power company and ranks as the world's sixth leading supplier of wind turbines. Suzlon integrates consultancy, design, manufacturing, operation and maintenance services to provide customers with total wind power solutions.

Its growth is based on a vision of creating world-class products by adopting the best aspects of wind energy from around the globe, which is why Suzlon has a subsidiary in Germany for technology development, an R&D facility in the Netherlands for rotor blade molding and tooling, and wind turbine and rotor blade manufacturing facilities in India and the United States. All this is backed up by stringent international quality control and assurance systems like ISO 9001:2000 and Type certification.

Suzlon Wind Energy Corporation, which focuses on the North American market, is a subsidiary of Suzlon Energy A/S of Aarhus, Denmark. The headquarter for North America is based in Chicago, Illinois, and features sales and service offices located throughout the U.S.

Suzlon sales can be contacted at the following offices:

North American Headquarters

Suzlon Wind Energy Corporation
8750 Bryn Mawr Ave., Ste. 720
Chicago, IL 60631

Palm Springs Sales Office

Suzlon Wind Energy Corporation
74980 State Hwy 111, Suite 109
Indian Wells, CA 92210

About Suzlon Energy Limited

Suzlon Energy Ltd. is Asia's strongest growing fully integrated wind power company. It offers customers total wind power solutions including consultancy, manufacturing, operations & maintenance services. With the increasing demand and the advantage of being an end-to-end solution provider in its field of activity, Suzlon plans to increase its presence within India, as well as worldwide. It already has projects at 27 locations in seven states in India and one in the US. More projects in the US are presently under construction. Suzlon is India's leading manufacturer of wind turbine generators. Its accumulated sales were 1,488.69 MW as of November 30, 2005. Suzlon has also installed 42.8% of the total capacity installed in India during the year ended December 31, 2004. It was the sixth largest wind turbine manufacturer in the world in terms of annual installed capacity for the year ended December 31, 2004.

Suzlon has design and R&D teams and facilities in Germany, Netherlands and India. The international business of Suzlon is managed out of Aarhus, Denmark where Suzlon has established a wholly owned subsidiary, Suzlon Energy A/S. Suzlon also has offices in Chicago, Beijing and Melbourne for the management of marketing, sales and installation activities in respectively the US, China and Australia. Suzlon's quality systems have been certified by Det Norske Veritas (DNV), one of the leading global registrars of quality systems, as being in compliance with the requirements of ISO 9001:2000. Suzlon is a multinational company with offices, R&D and technology centers, manufacturing facilities and service support centers spread across the globe. Suzlon's global footprint includes Europe, Australia, North America and Asia.

Visit Suzlon at

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