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Sunday, December 11, 2005

Distributed Energy Systems (DESC) growing with hydrogen generators and fuel cells

Distributed Energy Systems Corp. was formed in December 2003, following Proton Energy’s acquisition of Northern Power Systems. Serving as a holding company for the Proton Energy and Northern operating companies and subsequent entities, Distributed Energy Systems is the market vehicle (NASDAQ: DESC) for investors, superseding Proton Energy Systems (formerly traded on the NASDAQ under the symbol PRTN).

DESC Stock Quote:

For more information on Distributed Energy Systems Corp., Corporate Governance and Investor information, we invite you to visit:

Corporate Profile
Formed in December 2003, Distributed Energy Systems is creating and delivering quality products and solutions to the new energy marketplace, giving users greater control over their energy cost, quality, and reliability. Distributed Energy System Corp. brings together two established businesses: Proton Energy Systems and Northern Power Systems. As Distributed Energy Systems operating units, Proton and Northern deliver a combination of practical, ready-today energy solutions and the solid business platforms for capitalizing on the changing energy landscape. In the longer term, Distributed Energy Systems will identify and fund other initiatives, implementing new strategic acquisitions, joint ventures, and alliances that meet emerging customer and investor needs

Operating Companies

Proton Energy Systems:

Founded in 1996 and based in Wallingford, Connecticut, Proton Energy Systems manufactures proton exchange membrane (PEM) industrial and laboratory hydrogen generators (electrolyzers) and fuel cell-related products. Proton’s PEM-based electrochemical products are employed in hydrogen-generating devices in industrial applications and in regenerative fuel cell systems that function as power generating and energy storage devices. Proton’s Advance Technology Group is involved in developing and proving cutting edge applications of PEM technology in fueling and back up power solutions. Proton holds 18 U.S. patents, 2 European patents and has 105 patent filings as of December 9, 2003. Proton’s HOGEN® hydrogen generators produce hydrogen from electricity and water, efficiently and without harmful by-products. The company’s UNIGEN regenerative FC systems combine its hydrogen generation technology with an FC power generator for uniquely pollution-free energy storage. Prior to the formation of Distributed Energy Systems Corp., Proton Energy Systems was listed on the NASDAQ and traded under the symbol PRTN

Northern Power Systems:

Established in 1974, Northern Power Systems is the leading open-technology provider of innovative, flexible power solutions. Headquartered in Waitsfield, Vermont, Northern designs, builds, and installs ultra-reliable electric power systems for industrial, commercial, and government customers. Earning a worldwide reputation for quality, reliability and technical superiority, Northern's time- tested systems are on the job — from the harshest and most remote locations on earth to densely populated urban sites.

Proton Energy Systems

Proton Energy Systems builds HOGEN(R) PEM hydrogen generators and UNIGEN(R) regenerative PEM fuel cell systems. The hydrogen generator produces hydrogen from electricity and water efficiently and without harmful by-products.

Proton Energy Systems builds HOGEN(R) PEM hydrogen generators and UNIGEN(R) regenerative PEM fuel cell systems. The hydrogen generator produces hydrogen from electricity and water efficiently and without harmful by-products. Our UNIGEN regenerative FC systems combine our hydrogen generation technology with a FC power generator for uniquely cost-effective, pollution-free energy storage.
We serve four markets -Hydrogen Gas Industry: Lower cost, safer and more convenient vs. conventional delivery.
-Hydrogen Fuel for Fuel Cells: Hydrogen fuel for vehicle and portable FC applications.
-Power Quality and Reliability: UNIGEN regenerative FC systems will serve as highly reliable backup power systems to serve demanding applications.
-Renewable Power Applications: UNIGEN systems may facilitate renewable energy solutions by storing energy produced by solar, wind and hydroelectric power.

Here are some of our products/services:

HOGEN(R) hydrogen generator Proton makes HOGEN(R)hydrogen generators and UNIGEN(R) regenerative fuel cell systems. Proton's HOGEN hydrogen generators make high purity, process pressure hydrogen from water and electricity for diverse uses in semiconductors, metallurgy, electrical generator cooling, meteorology and fuel cell applications...

UNIGEN(R) regenerative fuel cell system Proton is developing the unique UNIGEN(R)regenerative fuel cell system, which reversibly converts electricity to hydrogen, and hydrogen back to electricity as needed. Proton's UNIGEN fuel cell system provides the ability to store energy in a highly available form ideally suited for backup power systems and premium power. UNIGEN fuel cell systems are expected to scale up much less expensively than conventional batteries...

for more info on DESC, visit:

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